Our Commitment To Ecology


Two of the bee hives at the F.T.Short apiary

As we are involved in an industry with a high demand for material resources we aspire to do our best for the environment and ecology as a whole.

As well as recycling and researching sustainable suppliers we have created a wild flower meadow and woodland habitat.

Taking a small piece of wast ground behind our plant we have spent time and money developing a sanctuary for wildlife. Along with natural inhabitants like birds, hedgehogs, rabbits and insects we have given over some of the site to bee hives.

ecology-friendly-product-sticker-mdThese creatures are so industrious that they help cultivate the ecology by pollinating trees and plants and by keeping down pests like white fly. We even get some honey from them and hope soon to be able to offer this honey as our own unique corporate gifts. The meadow also makes a lovely place for staff to take their lunch breaks if the weather is nice.


Our wild flower meadow

This approach to maintaining the ecology by encouraging diversity is simple and very satisfying.

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