Bar Coding & Ink Jetting

Bar codes from our bar code printer

Bar codes from our bar code printer

Using the latest hardware and software packages, FT Short are able to bar code and date code with full graphics capability.

Date coding
Three Videojet machines enable rapid date coding of individual products. In addition, these machines have a full graphics capability for printing brand logos or endorsements.

Bar codes and pallet labels
Using the most up to date software, we are able to create exclusive bar code labels to fulfil our customers specifications. The manufacturing of bar codes is completed using two systems; a software package provided by Prisym, together with a Sato-thermal transfer printer. This enables us to print in colour and in a variety of languages.

The labels can be printed in any quantity and then applied mechanically or by hand if required. Pallet labels are also generated to allow traceability, giving our customers the ability to quickly and accurately recall or locate a specific pallet if required.

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