Can Seamer

The Can seamer is an ideal piece of kit to pack any product you want put in Tin or tube that needs a tear of seal or a pull ring at the top of your packaging.



Overview:    The can seamer is a piece of equipment used by our operators  to close cans by fixing a cover and crimping a lid in position to form a perfect seal including: containers with twist-top, resealable lids, easy-open cans with pull-tab lids made with steel, aluminum or plastic.


The seam is made by mechanically overlapping two layers to form a hook. Different parameters of the hook are measured and monitored to check the integrity of the seam under different circumstances. The double seam is determined by the shape of the seamer roll profile and the relative position. During the can seaming process, the seamer chuck holds the can while the rolls rotate around it. Initially, the first operation folds the lid and the second operation rolls and tightens creating the finished seam. The first operation seam is critical to avoid problems like wrinkles, tightness issues and leaks. The shape of the seam is determined by the first operation roll, the second operation roll is determined by the relative positions and distances, lifter height and lifter pressure finally creating the perfect seam. The advantage of seamed lid is that it protects the product inside from air, light or any other outside influences

      Tear off seal

It is not just tins we can seam, we also do Cardboard and plastic tubes

It is not just tins we can seam, we also do Cardboard and plastic tubes



The metal food can is more than 200 years old. Today it remains one of the most economical, environmentally friendly and, above all safest packaging forms.

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