Tea Bag Manufacture & Packing

We can manufacture and pack Tea Bags from loose leaf tea. Just contact us and we will be happy to talk you through the process. So whether it’s 2000 or 2 million bags you want manufacturing just speak to us first we can tailor make your project.

Guidance and Advisory Service

We supply a guidance and advisory service. Our service provides excellent consultation and advice along the way with deatils of minimum order sizes etc.

The process of turning loose leaf tea into teabags is not as straight forward as it seems. For anyone who has not done it before there are a surprising number of variables which can affect the production line.

At F.T.Short we are now pretty expert at teabag production and can guide you through the process to ensure you get the results you want. Our “Gold Standard” Service will enable you to go from say 4-6Kg of loose leaf tea, right through to create a set of sample boxes.

We also pack loose tea in boxes if you plan to sell tea that way.


History:        In October 2010, FT Short Ltd, packing and labelling specialists, took over a successful tea-bag operation from a Norfolk-based business who had been producing both herb and tea blends for over 25 years.

With the business, came an established customer base selling into the whole food and health retail markets. With a significant amount of investment, production levels have already grown by 10% in the intervening months enabling customers to increase sales and grow market share.

One of these customers is Country House Products Ltd who trade traditional herbal gifts not only through high street stores but at craft shows up and down the country and also via the internet worldwide. Their Revitalising Collection includes Squire’s Reviving Bath Herbs, Mistress’s Soothing Bath Herbs and Moth Herbs.tea_bagging_1

In addition, we can also produce bags containing products such as Hippocras, The Morning After hangover comforter, mulled wine spices and many others which form the basis of their Weary Gardeners and Merry-making Collections.

Our Technipack machine manufactures a standard bag size 75mm square and can produce 500,000 bags per day. Standard output is 4 bags-in-a-row which are then perforated into single bags ready to pack into their display cartons, either singly or as pairs.

Our second machine, a Universal, can make different sized bags from 75mm square up to 150x110mm, more suitable for the herbal essence markets. Output for the larger sizes is approximately 70,000 bags per day.

Boxes can be ink-jet coded with a Best Before date and Batch or Lot number, then over-wrapped and sealed in a clear film, before being bulk-packed for despatch. Alternatively, product can be fulfilled in our main production facility, alongside other components into Gift packs such as tea sets, caddies and canisters.

Contents weights vary from 1.5 up to 7.0 grams, depending on product, and are check weighed at set intervals throughout production to ensure consistency. The raw tea or herb blends are also protected during manufacture by in-line metal detectors.

The bags can be made from either a bleached paper white in colour or an unbleached light-brown alternative depending on the target market.

The raw blends of teas or herbs can be sourced from within the UK, Europe or Asia, and clients are welcome to supply their own particular secret recipe for their unique product.

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